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New patient appointments are scheduled for one hour. You will first spend a few minutes at the registration desk to go over demographic and insurance information. You will be asked to provide a state-issued identification card (eg. Driver’s license), insurance card, referral, co-payment, and list of current medications. If you do not have a state-issued identification card with your photo, we will snap a quick photo for our physician’s reference. If you have already accessed our website and printed our New Patient Forms, we will collect them at this time. Otherwise, you can fill them out at check-in. You will then be taken into the exam room, where you will have a brief interview with our clinical staff in order to compile your chart, and you may also have your vitals taken at this time. Our Physician will then spend the majority of the appointment with you engaging in conversation regarding your medical history and chief complaints in order to familiarize himself with your conditions. The provider will also perform the physical and neurological examination at this time. After discussing your treatment plan in detail, your appointment will come to a close back at the registration desk, where you will make your follow-up appointment and receive any written prescriptions, orders, patient education, and/or prescriptions samples and coupons.

Follow-up appointments are scheduled for 15-30 minutes. Please remember to bring a current, updated list of medications to EACH and EVERY follow-up visit. It is important to bring any medical investigations including lab work, CT scans, MRI reports and CD of the pictures with you in each and every follow-up visit. After a brief registration at the front desk and chart update with our clinical staff, you will meet with our physician to review the results from any diagnostic imaging or procedures, lab work, and/or physician consults done during the interim. Medication and treatment adjustments may be made at this time.

We have an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system; your encounters, physician’s assessments, and plans regarding your conditions are typed as the encounter proceeds so that the consultation notes are ready to be faxed to your primary care and referring physicians on the same day.

Our physician understand the importance of communicating with your primary care physician and other consultants. Depending on providers’ preference the notes are typed during or after the encounter.  The medical scribe may be used by some providers.